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      The Mercenaries offer complete pest control services tailored to each client’s needs with no commitments or contracts, satisfaction guaranteed.

      Mosquito Applications

      Depending on weather, aggravating mosquitos can be present for more than half the year – approximately March to October. Let Mosquito Mercenaries’ professionals help you take back your home and yard with a variety of available treatments.

      Barrier spray

      Applied by a professional technician, this 21-day treatment uses a pesticide that eliminates most flying insects – mosquitos, wasps and more. Applied to all landscaping, trees, flowers, shrubs, eves of the house and other places mosquitos most likely reside, the spray includes a growth regulation component that actually interferes with the mosquitos’ lifecycle, dramatically reducing their populations.

      All-natural barrier spray

      Applied in the same manner as the regular barrier spray, this treatment repels (not kills) insects for approximately 14 days and is 100 percent botanical, derived from oils from flowers and other vegetation.

      Special event spray

      Whether you’re preparing for an outdoor wedding, birthday party or family reunion, this one-time spray eliminates most insects so you can enjoy your event.  (Must spray at least 48 hours before the event to be most effective.)

      Other Services


      General Pest Control

      The Mercenaries can treat the exterior perimeter of your house and the interior to eliminate roaches, spiders, ants and more.

      Flea and Tick Control

      Keep people and pets safe by treating your entire lawn, concentrating heavily on areas where fleas and ticks thrive.

      Service Areas

      The Mercenaries currently serve the entire Oklahoma City metro area including clients from Edmond to Norman and Yukon to Harrah. Call us today at 405.406.4494 to schedule an appointment.